GraceKennedy Limited is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in our business activities and dealings.

We are guided by the highest of ethical standards in our business decisions and relationships with others and jealously guard our reputation for “honesty, integrity and trust”.

We are committed to providing quality products and services for our customers, clients, consumers and partners who we will treat fairly and with respect. We believe in fair play. Our word is our bond.

We respect the rights and dignity of every employee and treat them fairly and without discrimination. We are tolerant of each other’s differences. We believe in teamwork, the sharing of knowledge throughout our organization, and we recognize the contribution of every team member. We will offer our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continued development. We will provide our employees with opportunities to offer feedback and participate in discussions on issues in the workplace that affect their health, well-being or productivity.

We promote the “Grace We Care” philosophy by providing a healthy and safe working environment conducive to the well being of our staff, and fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and harmony in the workplace.

We commit to being a good corporate citizen, mindful of our responsibility to give back to the community in which we live and operate our businesses. Successive leaders of our Company have built on this tradition and we encourage our employees to serve their community and country through individual effort and through our Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation, and other organizations. Through the GraceKennedy Foundation we make contributions in the areas of education, health, community outreach and the environment.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to the communities and countries in which we operate and will ensure that, in all our activities, we contribute to the safety and protection of the environment.

Frenchmen Donations: Grace Foods recently joined forces with Frenchmen and offered support to the Maxfield Park Children's Home through the donation of grocery items and a water tank. Tamara Thompson, General Manager, Grace Foods and Services shared, "We are pleased to partner with the Frenchmen Family on this important initiative, which we hope will positively impact some of the more vulnerable in our society. We encourage all Jamaicans to take collective action and do whatever they can to care for those at risk in these challenging times."

JDF Initiative: Our Grace Foods Team is supporting our front-line workers because #WeCare. The daily provision of 100 meals and beverages will be given to police officers at quarantine centres in Hayes, Clarendon as well as officers assigned to ZOSO and SOE zones.

Mighty Malt Blood Bank Handover - Grace Foods, a division of GraceKennedy Limited (GKL) in April handed over an initial donation of Grace Mighty Malt and Grace Food Drink to the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS). This is a part of a new initiative to assist the NBTS in its effort to incentivize donors who contribute the life-saving blood, currently in short supply due to stay in place orders issued by the government to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Through the initiative, Grace Foods will make monthly donations of Grace Mighty Malt and Grace Food Drink to be used by the Blood Bank as an incentive to blood donors.