Have A Healthy New Year

The holidays are over, and despite our best efforts many of us went overboard with eating this season. As the rum cake, ham, and sorrel disappear from your kitchen, you may find that the delicious holiday treats that were more than welcome, have relocated to you bathroom scale. Don’t let this be a trend for the New Year!

While weight loss is important, healthy eating should be our priority. Here is some information on popular Jamaican foods, and a few meal ideas to keep your body in peak health.

Did you know that Pak Choy is a vegetable that is well known for its iron and fibre content, but Pak Choy is also high in calcium, supplying up to 11% of the Recommended Daily Value per serving. It is also high in vitamins A and C, and contains protein and magnesium. Pak Choy is most nutritious when cooked until the leaves become bright green, and the texture is barely soft. Steam or stir fry this super vegetable with your favourite lean meat like Grace Ham or Grace Corned Beef. Adding Grace meats cuts down on your need to add salt because they give extra flavour.

Did you know that Ginger is often used in teas or as flavouring, ginger is a great source of minerals. Jamaican Ginger is high in both zinc and magnesium, which are essential for the absorption of calcium. Get your daily dose of natural minerals, add fresh ginger to your regular diet by using it to spice up your favourite dish. Or try Grace Ginger Tea bags with your morning meal.

Did you know that Sweet Potato is high in sugar and starch, but they also contain nutrition that other sugar dense foods do not. One cup of sweet potato supplies you with almost 800% of your daily dose of vitamin A, 65% of daily vitamin C, 8% of daily Calcium and 8% of your recommended daily Iron intake. For a snack, bake sweet potato slices with melted cheese. You can also serve sweet potatoes with a breakfast of Grace Vienna Sausage or Grace Corned Beef.

Did you know that Mackerel is a misunderstood fish. It in an oily cold water fish, but while it is higher in fat than most other fish it is not a high fat food. It is also chock full of essential omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary for heart health. Adding this tasty seafood to your diet is easy with Grace Jack Mackerel in Brine and Grace Mackerel in Tomato Sauce. Try it with callaloo and yam for a hearty, healthy meal.

Did you know that Ackee, though not recommended in excess, ackee is an excellent example of healthy vegetable fat. The oil of the fruit contains many important nutrients, especially fatty acids such as Linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids. A serving of Grace Canned Ackee also contains Iron, Calcium, B vitamins and vitamin A.